• Slipform Paving

    Curb/Sidewalk Width:Maximum 7’ (2m) in the offset position or 10’ (3m) in the center pour position.

    Maximum 8’ (2.5m) wide offset or 12’ (3.65m) center pour with MAX Package.

    Barrier/Parapet Height: Maximum 5’ (1.5m) Maximum 8’ (2.5m) tall with MAX Package.

    Mold:One, up to 32” (813mm) wide, with quick release, interchangeable hopper is standard.

  • Engine

    Type: Cummins QSB4.5-130C diesel 4-cylinder/4-stroke, turbo charged, Tier III emissions compliant.

    Power: 130 HP (97kW) @ 2400 RPM

  • Service Capacities

    Fuel Tank: 66 gallons (250 liters)

    Hydraulic Tank: 50 gallons (189 liters)

  • Controls

    Smart Amps™: Digital amplifiers provide electronic over hydraulic control for grade, forward and reverse steering, and slope.

    Features: Adjustment for sensitivity and deadband offering the operator accuracy and feel, without complexity; self diagnostics; and automatic shut-off for sensors that leave the stringline.

    Convenience & Safety: Synchronized ON/OFF for vibrators & crawlers. Five Emergency-Stop switches and a Horn for operator and chute man.

    Light Kit: Four post mounted spot lights

  • Trimmer

    Cutting Width: 42” (1070mm); up to 78” (1980mm) with optional extensions. Carbide teeth.

    Cutting Head Diameter: 21” (530mm)

    Maximum Trim Depth: 6” (150mm)

    Lateral Shift: 80” (2030mm) hydraulically

    Vertical Shift: 25” (635mm); 16” (406mm) hydraulically, 9” (228mm) mechanically

  • Auger Conveyor

    Drive: Direct drive with high torque motor; variable speed and reversible.

    Volume: 1 yd3 (3/4 m3) capacity and 0-2 yd3/min (0-1.5m3/min) rate of movement.

    Positioning: Pivots, hydraulically tilts and slides 24” (610mm). Discharge chute swivels providing additional flexibility in set-up.

    Size: 12’ (3.7m) long and 14” (356mm) diameter.

    Features: Heavy duty cast flighting with lid for full enclosure.

  • Vibration

    Vibrator Circuits: Six hydraulic circuits with variable speed and independent control.

    Vibrators: Two, with adjustable mounts.

  • Hydraulic Adjustable Offset

    Lateral Shift: 24” (610mm) hydraulically with positive mechanical locking.

    Vertical Shift: 25” (635mm); 16” (406mm) hydraulically, 9” (228mm) mechanically.

  • Water System

    Washer: 2,000 psi (138 bar or 13.8Mpa) high pressure system with trigger control and adjustable spray nozzle.

    Tank: Stainless steel with 132 gallons (500 liters) capacity.

  • Crawlers & Elevation Posts

    Type: Three hydraulically powered crawler tracks with planetary gear reduction.

    Tracks: 12” (305mm) wide steel pads

    Speed: Travel at 0 - 110’/min (33.5m/min) 0-70’/min (21m/min) with MAX Package Pouring at 0 - 50’/min (15m/min) 0-35’/min (10.5m/min) with MAX Package

    Minimum Turning Radius: Left at 2’ (610mm) Right at 20’ (6.1m) Post Extension: 36” (914mm) hydraulic cylinders Straddle Leg: 22” (559mm) of hydraulic side shift adjustment.

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